Social Media Marketing: What is it and How Can it Help Your Online Business?

The term, "social media marketing", refers to using social networks, blogs, and other online media as marketing tools. Popular social media marketing sites include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Linkedln. The content on social media sites are generally published by users of those sites such as the comments posted by visitors to a blog, the tweets placed by those with Twitter accounts, and the messages posted on the walls of Facebook users by other users.

Online businesses use social media marketing ( in order to create a buzz about a product or service they are promoting on a blog or website. They use social media sites to spread the word about a newsworthy event. They may start a viral campaign to spread the word faster. Online conversations are what powers this social media marketing effort. Online businesses encourage user participation and dialogue on company blogs, on company twitter accounts, Facebook pages etc.

Facebook has Billions of users as of 2018 making it a very popular social networking site. The fan pages, news feeds and groups give online businesses many ways to utilize this site for marketing efforts.

Twitter is a micro-blogging service site where users carry on conversations and promote link-worthy content for followers to read. This is an excellent tool for spreading the word about a new product or service or upcoming event.

LinkedIn allows users to set up a basic profile with a followed link and also allows users to form groups, connecting to large professional online networks.

Instagram is another social media site where users can create profiles, gather friends, connect with people that have common interests and connect with potential and current customers.

Reddit is a social news site that can be used to increase traffic to a blog or website.

YouTube uses videos as the content media and done right can be a powerful viral marketing tool.

Other social media sites include snapchat,stumbleupon etc.

Online businesses use these social media sites for different reasons but basically they use them to promote link-worthy content, to create profile rankings that rank well in search engines to help with branding.